Get Frogonised

We think frog, we sound frog, we color frog, we mutate frog, we simply frog, we are frog, we love frog.....What the frog?
Yes, we are frogonised!

Who are we?

We are the toyists, we operate as a collective, instead of separate individuals, hence one toyist cannot be seen as more important or famous than the other. There is no rivalry among the artists. The evident message we carry out is that the artworks count, not the artist itself that has created it. The artists do make their own art, abut we also like to work  together, which means that these works  cannot be attributed to a single artist.

Toyism is more than ever an art style with a message. Stories are revealed by means of symbols, bright colours and extremely precise details. The work of the toyists focuses strongly on the observer, with whom they wish to establish an interaction by the awareness of communal, social or psychological mechanisms. In the border area between fantasy and reality a play on stories and images is created, which encourages a further journey of discovery.

What do we sell?

We make and sell Art. Very colorful art! And we like to tell stories. Stories that are true, or maybe fantasy. You can find great products and super deals with us, visit toyism to find out more!

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